Professional Garden Care for a Thriving Outdoor Oasis

A well-tended garden can be a place of peace and beauty. At Rich Landscaping, we offer an array of garden care services to keep your space vibrant and balanced.

Why Rich Landscaping for Your Garden?

  1. Comprehensive Care: From soil health to plant selection, we’ve got you covered.
  2. Organic Practices: Sustainable methods that benefit your garden and the environment.
  3. Expertise: Our experienced gardeners bring a wealth of knowledge to your project.

Our Service Features

  • Plant Selection: Advice on species that will thrive in your garden’s conditions.
  • Regular Maintenance: Scheduled visits for planting, pruning, and more.
  • Soil and Fertilization: Ensuring your garden has the nutrients it needs.
  • Disease and Pest Control: Keeping your garden healthy and protected.


How often should my garden be watered?

Your garden’s watering needs will shift with the seasons. Typically, during the spring and summer, maintaining consistent soil moisture is key. Advanced irrigation controllers can auto-adjust based on factors like soil type, plant needs, and weather.

Can you help me redesign my garden?

Absolutely! Depending on your specific desires, needs, and budget, we can tailor a design to revitalize your space. We always advocate for a professional landscape design consultation before commencing any significant transformation.

Transform your garden into a flourishing oasis with our expert care. Contact Rich Landscaping today.

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