Nestled in the vibrant heart of Redmond, Washington, Rich Landscaping Inc. stands as a beacon of excellence, proudly serving the greater Seattle area for an impressive four decades, marking 42 years of unparalleled expertise. Our commitment to quality, service, and reliability goes beyond conventional landscaping – we are your trusted partners in crafting the outdoor haven you envision.

What truly sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to year-round excellence. Unlike many, we don’t view our employees as seasonal workers. Every member of our team works tirelessly throughout the year, ensuring continuous quality services that transcend mere maintenance, enriching the communities we proudly serve.

Service excellence is not just a mantra; it’s the core of our identity. Our robust team of professionals specializes in commercial landscape maintenance and commercial/high-end residential design and installations. We collaborate closely with our customers, ensuring their unique needs are not just met but exceeded. Rich Landscaping Inc. goes above and beyond, offering a diverse range of additional services to cater to varied landscape requirements. Our enhancement teams, brimming with boundless creativity, can transform your most ambitious landscape dreams into stunning reality.

Pioneering sustainability is ingrained in our practices. Rich Landscaping operates its composting site, manufacturing compost-based soils. Complemented by our extensive tree and shrub nursery offering a diverse array of products, we pride ourselves on being the comprehensive solution for all your landscaping needs. From line jetting and drainage work to aeration, thatching, and an array of hardscape and water feature options, Rich Landscaping Inc. stands as the epitome of landscape innovation and service excellence in the PNW.

Mechanic David was awesome person very friendly!!!

Luis Munoz

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