Erosion Control

Secure Your Landscape Against the Elements

Erosion can quickly compromise the beauty and functionality of your landscape. Rich Landscaping offers robust solutions to effectively control soil erosion.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Expert Assessment: Identification of erosion-prone areas.
  2. Diverse Solutions: From retaining walls to ground covers.
  3. Long-term Protection: Durable systems to secure your landscape.

Service Features

  • Risk Analysis: Identifying areas prone to erosion.
  • Control Measures: Selection of the most effective techniques.
  • Installation: Quick and unobtrusive installation process.


What materials do you use for erosion control?

From erosion control blankets and matting to vegetation, we employ a variety of materials to counteract erosion effectively.

Is erosion control a one-time solution?

While erosion control measures can be robust, they might require periodic maintenance and checks to ensure optimal effectiveness, especially in erosion-prone areas.

Protect your investment with our specialized erosion control services. Contact us today.

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