Let Your Lawn Breathe with Our Aerating Services

Lawn aeration is an essential component of a healthy lawn, improving water absorption, and nutrient uptake. At Rich Landscaping, we offer expert aerating services.

Why Choose Us for Aerating?

  1. Soil Health: Our services improve the soil structure.
  2. Grass Vitality: Aeration allows better water, nutrient, and oxygen absorption.
  3. Pest Control: Improved soil discourages pest invasions.

Our Service Features

  • Comprehensive Analysis: To decide the best aeration method for your lawn.
  • Scheduled Aeration: At optimal times for grass health.
  • De-thatching: Removal of lawn thatch for better results.


What are the signs my lawn needs aerating?

Signs of compaction like water runoff or thin, patchy grass indicate a need for aeration, promoting healthy root growth and efficient water absorption.

How often should aeration be done?

To maintain a healthy lawn, it’s advisable to aerate it annually, ideally during the Spring or Fall.

Give your lawn the breath of fresh air it deserves. Contact Rich Landscaping for aerating services today.

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