Expert Bed Maintenance for Stunning Landscape Designs

Whether it’s a flowerbed, shrub bed, or a specialized garden, the beds are the heart of any landscape. At Rich Landscaping, we offer comprehensive bed maintenance services that focus on longevity and aesthetics.

Why Rich Landscaping’s Bed Maintenance Services?

  1. Visual Harmony: A well-maintained bed elevates your landscape’s appearance.
  2. Healthy Growth: Proper care ensures the longevity of the plants.
  3. Seasonal Transitions: Our services adapt to the seasons, keeping your beds vibrant year-round.

Our Service Features

  • Weeding and Soil Turning: Keeping the beds clear of invasive plants.
  • Mulching: To preserve moisture and improve soil quality.
  • Pruning and Thinning: To maintain plant health and shape.
  • Edging: For a polished look that defines the bed areas.


What types of mulch do you recommend?

The best mulch often depends on the specific needs of your plants. However, organic mulches like bark, fertile mulch, and straw are often favored in the landscaping industry for their natural benefits.

How often do beds need maintenance?

The frequency of bed maintenance hinges on the types of plants and prevailing seasons. If no seasonal mulch or bark applications are used, expect a more frequent maintenance schedule.

Ready for a stunning landscape that captures the eye and the imagination? Contact us today to discuss your bed maintenance needs.

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