Putting Greens

Experience Golfing Paradise in Your Own Backyard

Why drive to a golf course when you can step into your backyard? Rich Landscaping specializes in creating professional-grade putting greens for golf enthusiasts.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Quality Turf: We use industry-leading synthetic turf for true ball roll.
  2. Design Flexibility: Custom layouts, including bunkers and hazards.
  3. High Performance: Built to perform like a championship green.

Service Features

  • Consultation: Discussing your dream putting green.
  • Design & Planning: Layouts that fit your space and skill level.
  • Installation: Quick and durable installation.


How do I maintain my putting green?
To ensure your putting green remains in prime condition, it’s vital to mow it regularly and stay vigilant against potential pests.

Can I customize the layout of my putting green?
Absolutely! The layout can be tailored to your space, design preferences, and budget constraints to craft a putting green that fits your vision perfectly.

Bring the golf course to your home. Contact us today to get started.

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